Imagine a world where you have to put to use every item for a purpose other than what it is meant for. For instance, what if we ask you to use a pen for anything but writing?

Okay, it was for warm up. Now, the real question that awaits you is: In what other ways you can use your e-cigarette other than, of course, for vaping. We won’t be surprised to get a response from you with full of errs, umms and you knows. But it’s ok, relax! Nobody is conditioned to think like that.


So, for those of you who want to know what their e cigarette Australian buy brand or any other is capable of, we have compiled this guide for your information.

Read on to know three other ways in which you can use your e-cigs, or maybe, you are already using them for such purposes without actually realizing it.

#1 To regulate your nicotine intake: Vaping is often done for fun, but we keep forgetting another aspect of vaping and the most important one, i.e., you can rein in your nicotine intake. See, there are three ways of handling your nicotine intake: one is going higher on it, the other is sticking to the same level forever and the last is bringing down the nicotine strength over time. This can be done with the kind of e-liquid you choose to buy for your e-cigarette in Australia and elsewhere.

These e-liquids are available in every possible mix of flavours, ratio of PG/VG and nicotine content. So, if you want to cut back on nicotine, you should keep buying new e-liquids and keep dropping the nicotine content with every purchase until it is knocked down to zero. That’s how your e-cigs can help you with your nicotine dependence.

#2 To socialize with the most happening people: The world of e-cigs is a vibrant place bustling with every kind of vaper you can imagine. This vaping community makes appearances as much at places out there as it does online. You may want to head to the stores selling vape products, particularly, e cigarette in Australia to buy its parts, e-liquids or the whole kits among other things from time to time. But little do you realize that it is where you can bump into other like-minded individuals who vape and get a chance to mingle with them.

Even in some party scenes, events and festival celebrations, you can find someone from the community to talk to and enjoy the time together vaping. The simple way to recognise a vaper from a group is by taking a cue from the e-cigs he or she is seen with. No rocket science, you see!

#3 To dramatize your Instagram feed: Everyone there on the Insta tries really hard to look cool to get as many hearts as they can on their posts. In this endeavour of yours, you can take the help of your electronic cigarette to look or feel a million dollars. If not anything else, vaping photos can turn out to be truly dramatic for your Insta feed.

We hope we have succeeded in putting into words how else you can use your e-cigs other than for vaping. We would also like to know how you find them useful.

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