The team is very famous for the modern designs and styles on leather lounges which make them one of the most asked for team in Sydney. The different kinds of furniture produced by the team are living room products, dining room products, bed room items, outdoor and many more. The team was established in 1956 and is formed on the certain values which the fathers have passed to the sons. Thus the love and affection of the kinship is also reflected in the services given by the team. The team is highly focused to give the quality furniture to the customers in Australia and this is exactly the reason why the leather lounges are made with high care and caution. The stores of the team are located in Melbourne and Sydney which gives importance to the Italian furniture designing which makes them very different among the other competitors.  

It is very important to be noted that the team supplies the Australian furniture also with craftsmanship of high quality. What makes the leather sofa of the team very different and special from the products in the market are the amalgamation of integrity of design and contemporary ideas. The customer always wants the furniture to be very special and eccentric so that it can be unique in appearance as well as comfort. The lifestyle and ideas of the modern people in the current society is considered by the makers of furniture of the team.


The leather settees from the team are high durable so that the investment made is for a lifetime. The team guarantees the quality of the products by making sure that each product is made with high dedication and commitment. Even though the presentation of each piece is different the aesthetic sense and ethical standards of the team members remain same always. The team provides the services to different kinds of customers from different areas of the society since the products are for residential purposes, hospitality, commercial application and establishments.  

The different kinds of furniture produced by the team are armchairs, dining chairs, benches, aba lamps, flex form armchairs, chairs by flex form, sideboards, pendants, ado dining chairs, adagio lights, adagio light which are made of bronze, modular sofas- adagio made by flex form, adda bed by flecgormadda chair by freeform, adda chaise by flexformadda sofa by flexform, admiral mirror, aki cabinet, ala bed, aleph bookcase, Alexandria light, alfie lounge chair, alice armchair- flexform, different models of all day box, amond console, angel, antico rug, Antonio console, Archie console which is of different colours, archiesideboradsarmo, coffee table- Arthur, ascanio, Asia and many more predicts. The team is very famous for the professionalism they maintain in all the stages of production and distribution of leather couches.  

The major attractions of the team Fanuli is the experience of the team for numerous years in the industry of leather lounges. In fact the integrity of ideas and contemporary styles amalgamated with the authentic patterns also makes the team very different.

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