The online market has improved and increased a lot in today’s generation. It is often recommended by experts to try out guest post submission to increase the traffic on your website if you are new to the internet market. Nevertheless, if you accept any guest post that has irrelevant links and spammy contents, Google may penalize you for it. Either way, you and your website will be suffering for someone else’s mistake.

The first thing that you should always do is create a page for your guest post submission guidelines. The page should be containing all the important points. If you allow the user to post content from WordPress, you will be saving a lot of time, and also you will be getting more content.

If you are considering guest posts, you should let you guest post blogger know what benefits they would get if they submit to your page. Let them know about the advantages of guest post submission from your page such as

  • Free and beneficial backlinks
  • Your blog status
  • The number of guest bloggers that have participated earlier
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Other benefits which monetary and revenue sharing options.

All these benefits would actually encourage people to submit more guest posts to your page. Once you let them know the advantages, you should also tell them about the guidelines.

  1. Plagiarism free Content

The statement “Content is the King,” is very true in the internet market. The content of your website may either lift your website high or just drop it down below. The greater the number of contents as guest bloggers, the more will be the traffic in your area. Also, your guest blog must be of high-quality. Always make sure to post good contents. Before accepting any guest post submission, make sure that it is plagiarism free and unique. Sometimes they may submit copied articles which will not prove to be fruitful for your blog.

  1. No Referrals or Affiliate links in the guest post

Make sure to let the people know that there should not be any affiliate or referral links in the guest post. If you allow the guest bloggers to put up referral links on your website, you are creating a negative impact on your visitors regarding your website.

This will have a negative impact on your blog. Since you are unaware of where the affiliate link is related to, if it has negative connections, it can bring down the reputation of your blog.

  1. Website niche

You should make sure to accept the guest posts that are completely relatable to your niche. You should mention the kind of backlinks they can add and the niche your website. To get the SEO spam control on the guest blog, you should mention that you do not offer SEO optimized backlink but branded backlink.

It is your responsibility to find out that the website has been written with proper research and format. It is very necessary to set up the guidelines for the guest post submission, or else everyone will take benefits from creating free backlinks.

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