Guest posting in today’s world is not only beneficial for you but also for the host publisher. Thus, you may consider accepting the guest post for your website. Nevertheless, you should be aware that Google and other search engines penalize the website for putting up spammy contents and links. There are several bloggers today who do guest blog posting, but post either spun, low-quality or copied content. This would simply bring down the reputation of your website. It is for this reason that setting up the guest post guidelines is very necessary.

Why do you need to filter guest post guidelines?

With a proper and cleared guideline, you can

  • Put a restriction to the low-quality submission
  • Prevent any kind of irrelevant submission
  • Do not allow the poorly formatted documents
  • Prevent any kind of problems and misunderstandings
  • Have the authority to reject the posts without the need to offend anyone.

What should be your guest post guidelines?

Always ensure that you have put up a strong list of guidelines. Anyone who fails to abide by your guidelines should be rejected right away. You should not risk the reputation of the website by allowing anyone to guest post in the site.

  • Quality requirements

High-Quality content is the primary and the most beneficial necessity of a website. Thus, you should put up strict limitations upon the creativity of the post. It is not necessary for the post to be too long. In guest posting or any other marketing strategy, quality is always preferred over quantity. If you do not limit the standards of the creativity of the author, there are chances that the people may post low-quality contents. You should be very specific in terms of uniqueness, originality, word count, length and the usage of language.

  • Niche

If you do not set up a niche, it is of no use. Having irrelevant contents in your website is going to harm its reputation very severely. In your guidelines, you should always set up the specific list of topics. You can definitely put up a suggestion about the areas you are not an expert in; then you can ask your guest bloggers to put their own perspectives into the field. You can also suggest some set of ideas in your guest post guidelines, informing them about the posts that are highly appreciated by the audience.

  • Image requirements

Blogs with images are likely to gain more attention. Nevertheless, it is necessary for the content and image of the blog to be relevant. You should be very specific that the owners have the copyright of the images and there should be proper credit. Since you are putting up the pictures on your website, you will have to make sure that the images aren’t the stolen ones. If you want, you can also suggest to put up the royalty-free images.

  • Republishing Policy

Several blogs allow republishing of guest posts. It means that owner owns the blog and author has the credits but the post cannot be republished anywhere. This protects against plagiarism problems. There are several authors who are unaware of this. So, you should clearly mention it in the guest post guidelines that you only accept original and unique content that hasn’t been posted anywhere before.

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