In today’s era, guest posting sites aren’t just limited to the backlinks; it has become more than that. It is an efficient opportunity to attract a significant number of audiences, make your online presence, get subscribers, increase traffic and build up a relationship with influencer and bloggers of various niches. If you carry out the guest post in the right manner, you will efficiently benefit from it. Nevertheless, not everyone can succeed in guest posting. To improve the method of guest posting, you will need to learn over the time and improve your skills. There are several websites that allow guest posting and the list of guest posting sites would be discussed in the later part.

The first thing that you should be aware of is the purpose because of which youare opting guest posting. It is not only beneficial for backlinks but also has a list of other purposes to serve. Guest posting doesn’t usually take a lot of time, but it is quite beneficial for the host publisher as well as the guest blogger.

You will then need to find out the list of guest posting sites that accept guest posts from bloggers. Not everyone on the internet accepts the guest post. It is the wish of every blogger to contribute to the top websites, but only a few people are able to get through it. In today’s world, backlinks are the prime focus for several bloggers. So, if you are creating backlinks for your website you should be really careful about a few steps. If you wish your article to get published on high-ranking websites, you will need to take care of the quality that it is well-maintained. If you do not produce high-quality content, you will land on the simple websites which will not be beneficial for you.

To benefit, you will have to post your blogs on the high ranking website. The list of guest posting sites that rank well in the search engines are mentioned here below

  • Kiss Metrics

If you guest post in KISS metrics on a regular basis, you are likely to gain huge traffic on your website. You should format your document in the right manner and make sure to use the real-life examples so as to win the trust of the audience. You should refrain from promoting your brand because if you do so, they won’t accept your post and you won’t win over it,

  • Think Traffic

This website also welcomes the guest posts. They do not limit their guest authors. Before writing a post for them, you should prefer contacting them first.

  • Firepole Marketing

This is the paid website where you can have monthly or yearly subscriptions. Their audience is quite large and engaging so you can completely rely on them regarding your posts. If you want to write and gain traffic but do not want to get published too soon, you can try Firepole Marketing.

  • Mashable

It has made itself to the list of guest posting sites for technical websites. You can approach them if you have technical sites.

This was a list of guest posting sites that are prominent in today’s era. If you wish to gain traffic through guest blogging, you can definitely give these websites a try.

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