You’re getting married, congratulations! Now you must be equal parts excited and terrified about everything you’ve got ahead of you – do yourself a favour and start planning who you are going to hire for your wedding photography and video.

These are important things to get right if you want to have media of your big day that’s high-quality, well-edited and affordable. The more expensive of a ceremony you plan to have, the more careful you will want to be about throwing your money around when it comes to hiring wedding photography and video.

The following will take a look at # things you definitely want to have in mind when you purchase a wedding photography and video package.


1.   Affordability

Of course, you want to pick a package for wedding photography and video that is affordable and gives you what you want without breaking the bank. As with anything, you get what you pay for, meaning that the more you spend the higher quality results you will generally have – but this is not always guaranteed!

Start by determining what things you definitely know you need to have, and what things are optional depending on their viability. For example, you might know that you NEED the pictures to be taken with the best possible camera but having aerial drone videography is something that’s more optional depending on its affordability.


2.   Expertise and reputationbride and her father walking down the aisle

You obviously don’t want to hire a total amateur to be responsible for your wedding photography and video, running the risk of them documenting one of the most important days in your life in a poor manner. You only want to hire someone who has a proven track record of producing amazing results for their past clients, and this is something you should be able to determine by looking at their website and reading testimonials.

Keep in mind; what might be poor quality to one person might be totally adequate to someone else – and it all depends very much on the client’s expectations. It’s also certainly true that culture heavy ceremonies, such as a traditional Hindu ceremony, will have different expectations and standards than a Western church ceremony.

So, if the person you are considering hiring for wedding photography and video got a bad review from someone who hired them for an exotic ceremony, it may not mean they are a terrible choice for yours. Do your research and don’t dismiss people based on one or two reviews.


3.   Their working stylewedding photographer taking prenup photos

Everyone who offers a wedding photography and video package will have their own special style for how they like to work. This style can be somewhat altered depending on your preferences, but it’s generally better to find someone who already fits your desires rather than try to get them to change their ways for you.

You want to iron out details like when they will arrive, when they will leave and what kind of breaks that they will have. Sometimes you will want them to cover the whole day from dusk ‘til dawn in which case they will need several breaks, others will stay just for the main bit of shooting and leave.

Even minor things like whether or not they need to bring their own lunch can be worth ironing out. If you don’t want them mingling with guests, then hire a wedding photography and video package that disclaims that.



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